Gasification Systems Projects & Performers
Gasification Systems - Key Technologies
  Feed Systems
  Gasifier Optimization and Plant Supporting Systems
  Syngas Processing Systems

Performer Gasification Systems Projects
Aerojet Rocketdyne
Dry Solids Pump Coal Feed Technology
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Development of ITM Oxygen Technology for Low-cost and Low-emission Gasification and Other Industrial Applications
2b Advanced Acid Gas Separation Technology for Clean Power and Syngas Applications
2c Recovery Act:  Development of Ion-Transport Membrane Oxygen Technology for Integration in IGCC and Other Advanced Power Generation Systems
Eltron Research Inc.
Recovery Act:  Scale-Up of Hydrogen Transport Membranes for IGCC and FutureGen Plants
Gas Technology Institute
Development of Prototype Commercial Gasifier Sensor
4b Low Cost High-H2 Syngas Production for Power and Liquid Fuels
4c Hybrid Molten Bed Gasifier for High H2 Syngas Production
General Electric Company
Feasibility Studies to Improve Plant Availability and Reduce Total Installed Cost in IGCC Plants
ITN Energy Systems
A Cost-Effective Oxygen Separation System Based on Open Gradient Magnetic Field by Polymer Beads
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Coal-CO2 Slurry Feeding System for Pressurized Gasifiers
Advanced Gasification: Overall workplan has 5 tasks including Task 1 - Project Management and the following tasks see 4 rows below.
8a Advanced Gasification - Refractory Improvement [FWP-2012.03.03 Task 2]
8b Advanced Gasification - Conversion and Fouling [FWP-2012.03.03 Task 3]
8c Advanced Gasification - Low Rank Coal Optimization [FWP-2012.03.03 Task 4]
8d Advanced Gasification - Warm Gas Cleanup [FWP-2012.03.03 Task 5]
Ohio State University
Chemical Looping Gasification for Hydrogen Enhanced Syngas Production with In-Situ CO2Capture
Praxair, Inc.
Advanced Hydrogen Transport Membranes for Coal Gasification
Reaction Engineering International
A Technology To Mitigate Syngas Cooler Fouling - Phase II
11b Mitigation of Syngas Cooler Plugging and Fouling

Research Triangle Institute
Recovery Act:  High Temperature Syngas Cleanup Technology Scale-Up and Demonstration Project
12b Benefits of Integrating PWR and RTI Advanced Gasification Technologies for Hydrogen-Rich Syngas Production


Southern Company Services, Inc.
National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC) at the Power Systems Development Facility
13a NCCC- Modification of the Developmental Pressure Decoupled Advanced Coal (PDAC) Feeder
13b NCCC - Long-Term Refractory Durability Tests (Transport Gasifier)
13c NCCC - Long-Term Candle Filter Test (Transport Gasifier)
13d NCCC - WGS Tests to Reduce Steam Use
Southern Research Institute
High Hydrogen, Low Methane Syngas from Low-Rank Coals for Coal-to-Liquids Production
TDA Research Inc.
Advanced Reactor Design for Integrated WGS/Pre-combustion CO2 Capture
15b Warm Gas Multi-Contaminant Removal System

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Single-Crystal Sapphire Optical Fiber Sensor Instrumentation
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Engineering Design of Advanced H2-CO2 Pd and Pd/Alloy Composite Membrane Separations and Process Intensification

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