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HT-L Gasifier

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) is a large state-owned enterprise concentrating on industrial production primarily associated with the aerospace industry. The firm’s Aerospace Technology Applications Group has developed the HT-L gasifier, based on a pressurized, entrained, down-flow reactor, reported to be the result of the conversion and extension of aerospace engine technology. Certain similarities in principle, configuration and operation may exist between this technology and the Aerojet/Rocketdyne gasifier, which was similarly developed utilizing experience from rocket propulsion engines in coal gasification technology.

The HT-L gasifier/gasification systems technical characteristics include:

  • Pressurized entrained-flow reactor processing pulverized coal
  • Wide adaptability to coal type
  • Use of a water membrane wall
  • Use of a quenching stage and ash water recycling
  • Equipment sets designed and manufactured domestically and key components further developed and employed in industrial applications
  • Lower investment and operating costs

The HT-L gasifier is offered commercially in a series of three coal feed capacities, i.e.:

  • Model 2800/3200 – 750 tons-per-day
  • Model 3200/3800 – 1,600 tons-per-day
  • Model 4000/4000 – 2,500 tons-per-day

Demonstration and Early Commercialization
Very little information is available on the physical and performance characteristics of the 25 HT-L gasifiers reported to exist at 15 sites within China. The projects have the capacity to consume a total of 24,000 tons coal/hour, to produce 4,300 kt/y ammonia, 500 kt/y methanol and 2,000 m3/yr methane.

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