2010 Worldwide Gasification Database

Strong Growth Anticipated in the United States 2011 - 2016

In the U.S., gasification is increasingly viewed as a technology pathway that allows the full potential of America’s abundant fossil energy resources to be tapped in an affordable and environmentally acceptable manner. Announcements of new gasification projects in the United States seeking partnerships, funding, permitting, and the two IGCC projects that are under construction illustrate this consensus.

The 2010 Worldwide Gasification Database identifies 18 plants which are in the process of development through construction, and are to come online in the United States from 2011 through 2016, as shown in the "Gasification Plants Under Consideration in the United States through 2016" table. If all of these plants reach operation stage, it would amount to 27,240 MWth, or more than 400% of existing production in 2010 (6,166 MWth).

Nine of the plants will generate power (47% of the output) for an MWth output of 12,684 – three using petcoke (5,626 MWth) and six using coal (7,059 MW). Four plants will produce gaseous fuels (23% of the output) (6,151 MWth) – two using petcoke (4,171 MWth) and two using coal (1,980 MW). Two chemical plants (12% of the output) (3,380 MWth) – one feeding coal and one petcoke – and three liquid transportation fuel plants (18% of the output) (5,025 MWth) are also in the planning stage and use coal.

The 18 proposed plants for the United States, similar to the new plants in the rest of the world, are planning to use a diversity of gasification technology. The largest share of the U.S. projects are planning to use the E-Gas gasifier (six), followed by GE with four, and Siemens and Uhde PRENFLO each with three. The ECUST and the TRIG technologies each have one project in planning.

Gasification Plants under Consideration in the United States through 2016 (click to enlarge)
Gasification Plants under Consideration in the United States through 2016


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