2010 Worldwide Gasification Database

Growth Planned Through 2016 by Nation

Australia OutlineAsia/Australia


A coal-to-urea plant using Siemens gasifiers, a coal-to-fertilizer plant using Shell gasifiers, and a coal-based IGCC, using an MHI gasifier, are being planned.


Seventeen of the plants will be in China, all processing coal – 14 to produce chemicals and, six of these are under construction, and three to produce power, including GreenGen, already under construction.

Asia OutlineSouth Korea

Two coal-to-power plants, using Shell Gasifiers, and one coal to SNG plant, using E-Gas gasifiers, are in the planning stage.


One coal-to-chemicals plant with Shell gasification is under construction.

Africa/Middle East



Europe OutlineFrance

One biomass-to-liquids plant using an Udhe PRENFLO gasifier.


Nuon Power's Magnum IGCC plant, using Shell coal gasifers, is under construction.


A biomass-to-chemicals plant using Uhde PRENFLO gasifiers is being planned.

United Kingdom

Powerfuel is planning a coal-fed IGCC power plant using Shell gasifiers.

North America

North America OutlineCanada

A coal-based IGCC project, using Siemens gasifiers, is in the front-end engineering and design (FEED) phase.

United States

Eighteen plants are to come online in the United States from 2011 through 2016.

  • Nine will generate power – three using petcoke and six using coal, including Duke's Edwardsport IGCC, scheduled to start in 2011.
  • Four plants will produce gaseous fuels – two using petcoke, one using coal, and one using a combination of both.
  • Two chemical plants, one feeding coal, and one petcoke, and three coal-to-liquids plants are also in the planning stage.

Central/South America


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