Advanced Fuels Synthesis

The Advanced Fuels Synthesis Key Technology is focused on catalyst and reactor optimization for producing liquid hydrocarbon fuels from syngas resulting from gasification of coal-biomass mixtures.  It supports the development and demonstration of advanced separation technologies, and sponsors research on novel technologies for liquid fuels synthesis, and for characterization of the range of products and product quality.

Active projects within the program portfolio include the following: 

Fischer-Tropsch fuels synthesis

Other fuels synthesis (not Fischer-Tropsch)

Conversion of coal or coal/biomass mixtures to jet fuel

Research and development projects are being conducting to provide innovative improvements for conversion of coal or coal/biomass mixtures to jet fuel with high productivity and selectivity.

Advanced Hydrogen Membranes

Amorphous Alloy Membrane Fabrication

Liquefaction plant feasibility/impacts

Water-gas shift

Systems and Industry Analysis
As part of the support for the Coal-Biomass to Liquids key technology area, systems studies are being conducted to provide unbiased comparisons of competing technologies, determine the best way to integrate process technology steps, and predict the economic and environmental impacts of successful development.

Recently Completed Projects:

The other key technology within Coal and Coal-Biomass to Liquids:

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