AEC Development

Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode (AEC) Development—This key technology focuses on improving electrochemical performance and cell power density; reducing long term degradation; and developing more reliable and robust cells, stacks, and power systems. The Fuel Cell Program maintains a diversified portfolio of projects in the AEC Development key technology area that address issues critical to the commercialization of SOFC technology. The portfolio maintains a mix of near-, mid-, and long term R&D projects as well as laboratory- and bench-scale projects. Program participants include universities, national laboratories, small businesses, and other R&D organizations. The data and results are available to all Industry Teams, ensuring broad technology development and avoiding the duplication of R&D activities.

R&D projects within the AEC Development area focus on anodes, cathodes, interconnects, seals, modeling and simulation, and materials characterization and development. There is one project within the portfolio that is developing fuel processing technology for SOFC operation on anaerobic digester gas and diesel fuel.

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