Advanced Combustion Systems Project Information
Agreement Number Project Title Performer
FE0009448 Oxy-Fired Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustor Development and Scale-up for New and Retrofit Coal-fired Power Plants Aerojet Rocketdyne
FE0009702 Staged, High-Pressure Oxy-combustion Technology: Development and Scale-up Washington University in St. Louis
NT43088 Recovery Act: Oxy-combustion: Oxygen Transport Membrane Development Praxair, Inc.
Completed Projects
FE0009686 High Efficiency Molten-Bed Oxy-Coal Combustion with Low Flue Gas Recirculation Gas Technology Institute
FE0009478 Optimization of Pressurized Oxy-Combustion with Flameless Reactor Unity Power Alliance, LLC
FE0009395 Demonstration of a Novel Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Cycle Utilizing Pressurized Oxy-combustion in Conjunction with Cryogenic Compression  Southwest Research Institute
FE0002402 Investigation on Flame Characteristics and Burner Operability Issues of Oxy-fuel Combustion University of Texas at El Paso
NT0005015 Clean and Secure Energy from Coal
The University of Utah
NT0005341 Near-Zero Emissions Oxy-combustion Flue Gas Purification Praxair
NT0005309 Flue Gas Purification Utilizing SOx/NOx Reactions During Compression of CO2 Derived from Oxyfuel Combustion Air Products & Chemicals Inc
NT0005290 Recovery Act: Oxy-Combustion Technology Development for Industrial-Scale Boiler Applications Alstom Power, Inc
NT0005288 Characterization and Prediction of Oxy-combustion Impacts in Existing Coal-Fired Boilers Reaction Engineering International
NT0005262 Oxy-combustion Boiler Material Development Foster Wheeler NA Corp.
NT42811 Jupiter Oxy-combustion and Integrated Pollutant Removal for the Existing Coal-Fired Power Generation Fleet Jupiter Oxygen Corporation
FC26-06NT42748 Pilot-Scale Demonstration of a Novel, Low-Cost Oxygen Supply Process and its Integration with Oxy-fuel Coal-Fired Boilers The BOC Group Inc
(now part of the Linde group)
FC26-06NT42747 Development of Cost-Effective Oxy-combustion Technology for Retrofitting Coal-Fired Boilers Babcock & Wilcox Company
FC26-05NT42430 Oxygen-Fired CO2 Recycle for Application to Direct CO2 Capture From Coal-Fired Power Plants SRI International
FC26-04NT42207 Conceptual Design of Supercritical Oxygen-Based PC Boiler Foster Wheeler NA Corp.
FC26-04NT42205 Commercialization Development of Oxygen-Fired CFB for Greenhouse Gas Control  Alstom
FC26-03NT41736 Conceptual Design of Oxygen-Based PC Boiler Foster Wheeler NA Corp.
FC26-01NT41147 Advanced Oxy-fuel Boilers and Process Heaters for Cost-Effective CO2 Capture and Sequestration Praxair
FC26-01NT41146 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Control by Oxygen Firing in Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers Alstom
FWP49539 Evaluation of CO2 Capture/Utilization/Disposal Options Argonne National Lab
IEA-CANMET-CO2 CANMET CO2 Consortium-O2/CO2 Recycle Combustion Natural Resources Canada - CANMET

Chemical Looping Combustion
Agreement Number Project Title Performer Name
FE0009761 Commercialization of the Iron Base Coal Direct Chemical Looping Process for Power Production with in situ Carbon Dioxide Capture Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc.
FE0009484 Alstom's Chemical Looping Combustion Technology with CO2 Capture for New and Retrofit Coal-Fired Power Alstom Power, Inc
FWP.FY11.60.CCSSI Industrial Carbon Management Initiative – Chemical Looping Combustion (ICMI-CLC) NETL's Office of Research and Development
Completed Projects
FE0009469 Solid-Fueled Pressurized Chemical Looping with Flue-Gas Turbine Combined Cycle for Improved Plant Efficiency University of Kentucky
FE0001808 Novel Oxygen Carriers for Coal-Fueled Chemical Looping Combustion Western Kentucky University
NT0005289 Coal Direct Chemical Looping Retrofit for Pulverized Coal-Fired Power Plants with in situ CO2 Capture Ohio State University Research Foundation
NT0005286 Alstom’s Chemical Looping Combustion Prototype For CO2 Capture from Existing Pulverized Coal-Fired Power Plants Alstom
NT0005015 Clean and Secure Energy from Coal The University of Utah

Advanced Concepts
Agreement Number Project Title Performer Name
FE0024012 High Temperature Heat Exchanger Design and Fabrication with Large Pressure Differentials Thar Energy LLC
FE0024020 Manufacturing Process Development for Lower-Cost Heat Exchangers in High-Temperature/Pressure Applications Brayton Energy, LLC
FE0024058 Low Cost Recuperative Heat Exchanger for Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Systems Altex Technologies Corp.
FE0024064 Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of Microchannel Heat Exchangers for Fossil-Fired Supercritical CO2 Cycles Oregon State University
FE0024104 Development of a Thin Film Primary Surface Heat Exchanger for Advanced Power Cycles Southwest Research Institute (SWRI)
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