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NRAP Tools and Models

NRAP tools range from detailed process models to reduced-order models to system models.  The areas on the block diagram to the left are linked to a page with additional information on the NRAP tools specific to each part of the engineered-natural system.

For process models, NRAP is leveraging decades of investment by DOE in the development of research simulators for predicting fluid flow, chemistry, and geomechanics in porous and fractured media, adapting components as necessary for needs specific to CO2 storage. 
For reduced-order models, NRAP is building ROMs that enable the efficient reproduction of predictions from the detailed process models over the range of conditions of interest.  NRAP is assessing a variety of approaches to reduced order models from simple look up tables to novel, advanced computational methods, identifying the most efficient and accurate approach for capturing critical behavior. 

For system models, NRAP is adapting and building frameworks that allow the coupling of behavior from reservoir to receptor. 



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