Development of a Precombustion Carbon Dioxide Capture Process Using High Temperature Polybenzimidazole Hollow-Fiber Membrane
Project No.: DE-FE0012965

SRI is conducting a bench-scale testing of a CO2 capture system using a high-temperature polymer-membrane-based gas separator. The system was developed at bench-scale as part of a previous project, and is being optimized for integration into an IGCC plant. Membrane modules of sufficient capacity will be fabricated to process a synthesis gas (syngas) stream of approximately 50 kWth equivalent from an operating coal gasifier. Design and steady-state performance data will be obtained for membrane modules under relatively long duration conditions. The membrane fabrication technology will be transferred to an industrial firm that specializes in the manufacture of hollow fiber membranes for making the membrane modules. Polybenzimidazole (PBI) will be used as a membrane material to separate H2 and CO2 at elevated temperatures (200 to 250°C). PBI will be made into hollow fibers and the fibers will be assembled into bundles and cased as membrane modules for insertion into high-pressure chambers. These modules will be tested using the syngas slipstreams available at the National Carbon Capture Center at ~225°C.

5kWhth Asymmetric Hollow Fiber Membrane Element with 30% Packing Density
5kWhth Asymmetric Hollow Fiber Membrane Element with 30% Packing Density

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