Carbon Dioxide Capture from Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Gas Streams Using the Ammonium Carbonate-Ammonium Bicarbonate Process
Project No.: DE-FE0000896

  Batch scale absorber system.
  Batch scale absorber system.

SRI International is developing, for integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC)-based power plants, a carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technology based on the use of a high-capacity and low cost aqueous ammoniated solution containing ammonium carbonate (AC), which reacts with CO2 to form ammonium bicarbonate (ABC).

Current commercial processes to remove CO2 from conventional power plants are expensive and energy intensive. The objective of this project is to reduce the cost associated with the capture of CO2 from coal based gasification processes, which convert coal and other carbon based feedstocks to synthesis gas.


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  • For further information on this project, contact the NETL Project Manager, Elaine Everitt.
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