CO2 Capture by Sub-Ambient Membrane Operation 
Project No.: DE-FE0004278

American Air Liquide, Inc. will develop a system for CO2 capture based on sub-ambient temperature operation of a hollow fiber membrane. The membrane will be coupled with cryogenic processing technology in a closed-loop test system that will verify the effect of possible contaminants, such as SOx, NOx and water, on membrane performance. Experimental results will be used to refine the integrated process simulation and to design a slipstream facility. Other objectives of the project are to demonstrate high selectivity and permeance performance with a commercial scale membrane module in a bench-scale test skid, verify mechanical integrity of commercial scale membrane module structural components at sub-ambient temperatures, and demonstrate the long term operability of the sub-ambient temperature membrane skid. Cryogenic operating temperatures will be achieved through the controlled expansion of the gas across the test system valves.

Hollow Fiber Membrane

Hollow Fiber Membrane

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  • For further information on this project, contact the NETL Project Manager, Andrew O’Palko.
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