Evaluation of Solid Sorbents as a Retrofit Technology for CO2 Capture 
Project No.: DE-FE0004343

  3-D model and Photograph of 1 kW System
  3-D model and Photograph of 1 kW System

ADA-ES Inc. is refining the conceptual design of a commercial solid sorbent-based, post-combustion CO2 capture technology through slipstream pilot testing and process modeling. A pilot unit (~1 MW) will be designed and constructed to demonstrate solid sorbent-based CO2 capture on actual flue gas. The pilot tests and process modeling will provide the information necessary to complete a techno-economic analysis of the technology. The design will be based on a 1 kW-scale system built and demonstrated under an existing DOE/NETL CO2 capture project (Figure).

There are several advantages solids offer over aqueous MEA. For example, solids have a working capacity over two times that of MEA, by weight, leading to lower regeneration energy attributable to less material to heat. The increased capacity, in conjunction with the lower heat capacity, results in a theoretical regeneration energy approximately half that of MEA, per kg of CO2. This indicates that solids can dramatically reduce the energy requirements for CO2capture compared to aqueous systems. In addition, circulating less material in a solid-based system compared to aqueous MEA will likely lead to lower pressure drop, depending on the system configuration. Also, solids have the potential to be less corrosive than the solution used in aqueous MEA systems.

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  • For further information on this project, contact the NETL Project Manager, Bruce Lani.
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