Bench Scale Development and Testing of Aerogel Sorbent for CO2 Capture
Project No.: DE-FE0013127

Formation of aerogel pellets
Formation of aerogel pellets

Aspen Aerogels is developing and testing an innovative advanced aerogel solid sorbent for coal-fired power plants. The aerogel sorbents have high surface area and porosity, unique and tailored pore size distribution, highly-stable functionality, and excellent hydrophobicity for resisting degradation from flue gas and its contaminants over long-term use. The most promising aerogel formulations will be optimized for maximum working capacity and robust cyclic stability in flue gas conditions. Binder formulations, pellet production methods, and technology for increased resistance to flue gas contaminants are being developed. The performance of the sorbent formulations will be assessed through analysis of sorption isotherms, selectivity to flue gas contaminants, crush strength, attrition, fluidized bed properties, and heat transfer coefficients for the adsorption/desorption process. The sorbent will be evaluated in a bench scale fluidized bed reactor, and the hydrodynamic and heat transfer properties under fluidized bed conditions will be assessed. The sorbent will be optimized through modeling and testing with simulated flue gas. High level assessments will be conducted to estimate the cost of the carbon capture process at larger scales.

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