Supersonic Post-Combustion Inertial CO2 Extraction System
Project No.: DE-FE0013122 

Alliant Techsystems Operations, LLC is developing a new method for CO2 capture that utilizes a unique aero-thermodynamic inertial separation device derived from aerospace applications. Flue gas from coal-fired power plants is directed to a converging-diverging nozzle and expanded to supersonic velocities. This process converts potential energy (in the form of pressure and temperature) into kinetic energy. The rapid temperature and pressure decrease that results condenses undesirable constituents of flue gas, including the desublimation of CO2. The high density of the solid-phase constituents of the flow allows for inertial separation by centrifugal forces induced by flow path curvature. During the course of this project Alliant will demonstrate solid CO2 particle growth methods at lab-scale; demonstrate the separation and capture of migrated particles at bench scale using surrogate controlled CO2 particle injection; and also demonstrate the diffusion of the CO2-depleted flue gas flow to atmospheric pressure with losses consistent with projected system economics.


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