Development of Mixed-Salt Technology for Carbon Dioxide Capture from Coal Power Plants
Project No.: DE-FE0012959

SRI is testing a newly developed, low-cost, ammonia-based, mixed-salt, solvent CO2 capture technology at the bench-scale. This technology can be used in existing or new pulverized coal power plants. The project aims to show that the process can capture CO2 at high efficiency (> 90 percent) with high CO2 loading (> 10 weight percent) and require less than 2 gigajoules per tonne for solvent regeneration. The mixed-salt technology combines existing ammonium and potassium carbonate technologies with improved absorption steps for rate enhancement and a novel selective regeneration process to introduce a new and advanced transformational technology. The advantages of this process include a low heat of reaction, high loading of CO2, high-pressure regeneration of greater than 99 percent pure dry CO2, low sensitivity to impurities, low process cost, use of a non-degradable low-cost solvent with a very low carbon footprint for its production, low emissions, and reduced water use compared to ammonia-based technologies.

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