Project No.: DE-FE0012870

TDA Research Inc. is conducting a pilot-scale demonstration to evaluate its sorbent-based CO2 capture technology process. The process utilizes an alkalized alumina adsorbent (developed by TDA in an earlier DOE sponsored project NT0005497) that requires less steam (compared to other sorbents currently in development) and captures CO2 at intermediate temperature and near ambient pressure and is regenerated with low-pressure steam.

Activities include; design and fabrication of the 0.5 MWe (equivalent) slipstream pilot plant with continuous long-term operation (in order to gather the necessary data ultimately required for further scale-up), analysis of process performance, and, a techno-economic analyses. Testing will be done at the National Carbon Capture Center using flue gas from the Wilsonville power plant.

The advanced sorbent is anticipated to have significant operating and capital cost advantages over other sorbents currently in development, and, due to reductions in parasitic load, the efficiency of the CO2 capture process is expected to increase.

Previous Field Testing at Western Research Institute
Previous Field Testing at Western Research Institute

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