Program Goals and Targets

The Clean Coal Research Program (CCRP) is currently pursuing the demonstration of 1st-Generation Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies with existing and new power plants and industrial facilities using a range of capture alternatives and storing CO2 in a variety of geologic formations. In parallel, to drive down the costs of implementing CCS, the CCRP is pursuing RD&D to decrease the Cost of Electricity (COE) and capture costs and increase base power-plant efficiency, thereby reducing the amount of CO2 that has to be captured and stored per unit of electricity generated. The DOE Fossil Energy (FE) program is developing a portfolio of technology options to enable the United States to continue to benefit from using our secure and affordable coal resources. The challenge is to help position the economy to remain competitive, while reducing carbon emissions.

There are a number of technical and economic challenges that must be overcome before cost-effective CCS technologies can be implemented. The experience gained from the sponsored demonstration projects focused on state-of-the-art (1st-Generation) CCS systems and technologies will be a critical step toward advancing the technical, economic, and environmental performance of 2nd-Generation and Transformational systems and technologies for future deployment. In addition, the core RD&D projects being pursued by the CCRP leverage public and private partnerships to support the goal of broad, cost-effective CCS deployment. The following long-term performance goals for new coal-fired power generation facilities have been established for the CCRP:

  • Develop 2nd-Generation technologies that:
    • Are ready for demonstration in the 2020–2025 timeframe (with commercial deployment beginning in 2025)
    • Achieve capture costs of approximately $40/tonne of CO2 captured
  • Develop Transformational technologies that:
    • Are ready for demonstration in the 2030–2035 timeframe (with commercial deployment beginning in 2035)
    • Achieve capture costs of less than $40/tonne of CO2 captured
Goals shown are for greenfield plants. Costs are nth-of-a-kind, for the first year of plant operation, and include compression to 2215 psia but exclude CO2 transport and storage costs. Today's capture costs are relative to Today's SCPC without CO2 capture. 2025 and 2035 capture costs are relative to an A-USC PC without CO2 capture.
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