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January 19, 2005
Significant Milestone Achieved in SECA Fuel Cell Development Program
A prototype of the first fuel cell capable of being manufactured at a cost approaching that of conventional stationary power technology has been successfully tested as part of the U.S. Department of Energy's Solid State Energy Conversation Alliance (SECA) program.

November 17, 2005
Novel Pollution Control Technology Recognized
Praxair Inc.’s Oxygen Enhanced Combustion (OEC) system for controlling emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) was recently recognized as one of five 2005 finalists for Chemical Engineering magazine’s prestigious Kirkpatrick Award for Chemical Engineering Achievement.

November 7, 2005
New, Low-Cost Approach to 4-D Imaging of CO2 Flood Yields Breakthrough
U.S. Department of Energy–funded research has yielded a breakthrough in high-resolution subsurface imaging with the first low-cost depiction of CO2 movement through a thin, shallow oil reservoir.

November 7, 2005
DOE-Funded Technology Slashes NOx, Costs in Coal-Fired Cyclone Boiler
A new technology recently evaluated on a type of coal-fired boiler notorious for generating the air pollutant known as NOx was found to reduce NOx formation by 90 percent at about half the cost of current technologies.

October 20, 2005
Mary Anne Alvin, who has only recently started working here at the National Energy Technology Laboratory, has already been awarded a patent - the 22nd in her career.
The Office of Science and Engineering Research - the onsite research arm of the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory - prizes creativity and inventiveness among its research staff.

October 20, 2005
NETL has unique role of tracking and coordinating damage information by storms like Katrina, Rita and Wilma on the Nation's energy infrastructure.
When you think of a hurricane and its potential consequences, you probably think of locations on the ocean and of relief agencies that move into affected areas to help the residents deal with the losses of life and property.

August 12, 2005
Four NETL Research Projects Win R&D Awards for Technological Innovation
Four technologies developed with support from the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) have earned prestigious R&D 100 Awards from R&D 100 Magazine.

August 8, 2005
GE Sets Benchmarks for Fuel Cell Performance
In the race to speed solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology out of niche markets and into widespread commercial use, GE Hybrid Power Generation Systems has kicked fuel cell performance into high gear. Recent advancements have dramatically improved baseline cell performance and accelerate GE’s prospects for achieving the system efficiency and cost objectives of DOE’s Solid State Energy Alliance (SECA) program.

July 29, 2005
DOE Awards $1.4 Million for Electrochemistry–Fossil Fuel Energy-Conversion Research
The Department of Energy’s High Temperature Electrochemistry Center (HiTEC) announced its award today of $1.4 million to support five research projects that will foster novel electrochemical-based power generation and energy storage technologies for use in large, central coal-fired power plants.

July 19, 2005
Three Decades of DOE, Industry Partnership Slash Fuel Cell Costs
From its humble production of 1 watt of power nearly 30 years ago to its generation of nearly 2 million watts (2 megawatts) today, a revolutionary fuel cell technology is shaping the production of ultraclean electricity at a fraction of its former cost.

June 8, 2005
DOE Research Partner Named ‘Wildcatter of the Year’ in Rockies
Software Developed with NETL Grant Boosted Oil Reserves by Millions of Barrels

A Department of Energy research partner who developed innovative software tools that resulted in the recovery of millions of barrels of additional oil in the Rocky Mountains has been named “Wildcatter of the Year” by the Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States (IPAMS).

May 4, 2005
Intelligent Pipe Technology Communicates Faster than Internet
With the successful completion of its fifth test well, smart pipe technology aptly named IntelliPipe™ has proven its ability to provide high-speed downhole oil and gas drilling communication in real time. The breakthrough could revolutionize the way companies probe for oil and gas and move domestic production capabilities into the next century.

April 12, 2005
DOE Project Deems Feasible Miniaturization of Key Tools for Microhole Projects
The Department of Energy continues to mark progress in advancing its “microhole” initiative, a revolutionary new approach to drilling America’s oil and natural gas wells. The scale-down of two tools essential for the initiative has been deemed feasible under a DOE-funded project.

April 6, 2005
DOE Supports Promising Membrane Technology for Coal-to-Hydrogen Production Government-Industry Cost-Shared Project Advances Visionary Power Plant
Taking a step closer toward its vision of ultraclean, highly efficient power generation, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will collaborate with a Colorado firm on a $15 million advanced research project to further develop coal-to-hydrogen production technology supporting DOE’s zero-emissions FutureGen plant of tomorrow.

February 3, 2005
NETL and Carnegie Mellon University Team Up To Create New Paradigms for Hydrogen Production
The Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory and Carnegie Mellon University have developed a new computational modeling tool that could make the production of hydrogen cheaper as the United States seeks to expand its portfolio of alternative energy supplies.


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