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Oil and Natural Gas Research

NETL’s Oil & Gas Programs conduct foundational research to improve the production, processing, transportation, and storage of our Nation’s abundant Oil and Natural Gas resources. The Portfolio is advancing technologies to improve hydrocarbon recovery efficiency, reduce the operational risks of production, improve the performance of our Nation’s pipeline infrastructure, and characterize resources in emerging basins and plays. The prudent development of our oil and gas resources is essential to ensuring the Nation’s continued energy resilience, economic strength, and security.

Our programs combine foundational characterization science, computational modeling, and advanced optimization tools with field experiments and private sector input to design and validate innovative technologies that will maximize the safe, efficient, and economic recovery of America’s abundant oil and gas resources and unlock the game-changing secrets of gas hydrates. We work closely with the key stakeholders to collect insight on issues where advances in technology may prove valuable, process this information, and use it to make informed investment decisions and assist industry stakeholders in overcoming challenges in each of the following areas:

NETL implements this effort as part of DOE’s Oil & Gas Program.
Technology area contact:

Jared Ciferno