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NETL Issues Notice of Intent for Funding Opportunity to Enhance the Domestic Materials Supply Chain and the Reliability of the Existing Fossil Power Generation Fleet

NETL has issued a Notice of Intent (NOI) for a funding opportunity announcement (FOA) for cooperative agreements to competitively solicit and award projects that will focus on materials research, development, testing and validation to enhance the domestic materials supply chain and the reliability of the existing fossil power generation fleet.  Notice of Intent for DE-FOA-0002192, Extreme Environment Materials for Power Generation, will support DOE’s Crosscutting Research Program.

It is anticipated that projects will fall under two areas of interest (AOIs).

AOI 1: Addressing Fatigue Failures at Dissimilar Metal Joints in High-Temperature Steam-Cycle Components

This AOI will focus on development of innovative materials or materials processing technologies that improve the cyclic durability of joined materials and components, reduce the time and cost associated with repairing and upgrading components and address barriers to deployment of mature joining technologies through demonstrating and documenting their value in a realistic environment.

AOI 2: Addressing Erosion and Corrosion with Surface Technologies in High-Temperature Steam-Cycle Components

This AOI will focus on further development of materials applied to, or built into, the surface of a component and processes for applying materials to a surface, or building them into the surface, of a component.

The FOA is anticipated to be issued December 2019. Prospective applicants to the FOA should begin considering developing partnerships, formulating ideas and gathering data in anticipation of its issuance. In particular, prospective project teams that feature collaborations with materials vendors, component OEMs, service providers (for repair), and plant owner/operators are encouraged. No applications will be accepted through the NOI, and all the information it contains is subject to change.

Read the full NOI here.

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