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SSAE Newsletter
August Edition of the SSAE Newsletter Released

The August 2021 edition of the SSAE Newsletter features the latest updates about various research initiatives and breakthroughs undertaken within NETL’s Strategic Systems Analysis and Engineering (SSAE) directorate.

Click here to access this month’s newsletter and learn about recent activities that SSAE is leading to gain insights into new energy concepts, support the analysis of energy system interactions and advance its capabilities.

This month’s edition highlights:

  • Efforts by SSAE in water management to balance demand for water among energy producers and other sectors (industrial, residential and agricultural) in conditions of sometimes tight supply.
  • A study that examines the performance, environmental impact and economics of co-firing biomass in pulverized carbon ore power plants.
  • Recognition awarded to the Integrated Environmental Control Model, which was developed through an NETL-Carnegie Mellon University partnership to analyze power plant performance and costs of emission control equipment.

In addition, the newsletter provides a list of upcoming conferences, meetings and events at which SSAE researchers have or will present findings.