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Advanced Manufacturing Builds a Better Fuel Cell


Researchers  Use Waste Slag to Create Energy and Cut Emissions

JULY 2014

Corrosion Testing using Oxy-Fuel Combustion for Ultra-Supercritical Steam Boilers

NETL’s Corrosion Erosion Facility Tests Materials in Severe Environments

JUNE 2014

Deepwater Oil Production through Thick and Thin

May 2014

NETL-Boston Scientific Coronary Stent  Alloy Applications Expand 

Surface  Science: Cleaning up Syngas to Reach Efficiency Goals

April 2014

A Faster Way  to Reduce Carbon Footprints

Metallic  Membranes: A Road to Hydrogen Fuel

March 2014

Underground Microbes and NETL Energy Research

Advanced Alloy Treatments for Demanding Applications

February 2014

NETL and Students Benefit from STEM Education

January 2014

Chemical Looping 101: The Basics

NETL’s Chemical Looping Research Facilities

Oxygen Carriers in Chemical Looping Combustion

Chemical Looping Modeling and Simulation Research at NETL

December 2013

Foamed Cement Can Seal Tricky Oil and Gas Wells

November 2013

High-Performance Rechargeable Batteries May Help Keep the Lights On

Rocks Demystified in Geomechanical Properties Lab

October 2013

NETL's Morgantown Supercomputer Sets a High Bar for Energy Efficiency

September 2013

NETL's Energy Data Exchange (EDX): Providing Access to Quality Energy Data

Sorbents Capturing CO2 Will Make Power Plants Cleaner

August 2013 

Collaborative Technology Demonstrates Potential in Diabetes Testing 

Quantifying Uncertainty in Computer Model Predictions

July 2013 

NETL Collaborators Invent Method for Treating High Carbon Fly Ash

Quantum Chemistry of CO2 Interaction with Swelling Clays 

NETL AVESTAR® Team and Invensys Collaborate to Develop Dynamic Simulators for Supercritical Pulverized Coal and Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plants

June 2013 

Utilizing and Storing Carbon Dioxide Emissions

May 2013 

National Risk Assessment Partnership (NRAP) - A Strategy to Manage CO2 Emissions

April 2013

NETL Develops a Method for Rapidly Producing Methane Hydrates

New Laser Enables Inexpensive but Flexible Elemental Analysis

March 2013

Electron Transfer Dynamics in Photocatalytic CO2 Conversion 

NETL Studies High Throughput Membrane Screening 

Computational Study of Ionic Liquids Illuminates Detailed CO2 Interactions

February 2013 

Effect of CO2 on the Integrity of Well Cement under Geologic Storage Conditions 

LiDAR Technology Enables the Location of Historic Energy Production Sites 

January 2013 

NETL Collaborates with Canadian Counterparts on Gasification

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