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ARRA Date Title Recipient Name Location DOE/NETL Sponsors
N 02/01/2016 Addition of a Class 3B Laser to the High Pressure Water Tunnel Project NETL RIC Pittsburgh, PA FE/RIC/GES/BW Team
N 01/28/2016 Novel CO2-Selective Membranes for CO2 Capture from <1% CO2 Sources The Ohio State University Columbus, OH FE/TDIC/Coal/CC Team
N 01/25/2016 Architectural and Engineering Designs TBD South Park Township, PA Morgantown, WV Albany, OR FE/LOC/FO/EFT
N 01/22/2016 Rare Earth Metals Extraction (REME) Neumann Systems Group Colorado Springs, CO FE/TDIC/Coal/ETP
N 01/22/2016 Reducing the Impacts of Gas Shale Development: Advanced Analytical Methods for Air and Stray Gas Emissions and Produced Brine Characterization Prime:  GSI Environmental Sub:  Kentucky Geological Survey/University of Kentucky Multiple sites, KY FE/TDIC/OG/UOG Team
N 01/21/2016 Improved Reliability of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems – LG Fuel Cell Systems Prime:  LG Fuel Systems Inc. Sub:  University of Washington Seattle, WA FE/TDIC/Coal/AES Team
N 01/21/2016 Novel Membrane and Electrodeposition-Based Separation and Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Coal Combustion Residues Prime:  Duke University Subs:  Yale University, University of Kentucky, Research Triangle Institute International Multiple sites, Multiple states FE/TDIC/Coal/ETP
N 01/21/2016 Economically Viable and Environmentally Benign High Performance Technology to Recover Rare Earth Elements from Coal By-Products Tusaar Corporation Lafayette, CO FE/TDIC/Coal/ETP
N 01/21/2016 Plasma Arc Gasification Based Rare Earth Element Recovery from Coal Fly Ash Prime:  Southern Research Institute Subs:  Reaction Engineering International, University of Utah, ArcSec Technolgies, Headwaters Resources Multiple sites, Multiple states FE/TDIC/Coal/ETP
N 01/20/2016 Recovery of Rare Earth Elements (REEs) from Coal Mine Drainage Prime:  West Virginia University Subs:  CONSOL Energy, Rosebud Mining Company, WV Dept of Environmental Protection, Mepco, LLC Multiple sites, Multiple states FE/TDIC/Coal/ETP
N 01/20/2016 Clean Cities Outreach, Education, and Performance Tracking Program Clean Cities Coalitions Multiple sites, Multiple states EE/TDIC/ETD/EERE Team
N 01/19/2016 Deepwater Permanent Subsea Pressure Compensated Chemical Reservoir Construction and Testing Prime:  RPSEA Sub:  Argen Polymer, LLC The Woodlands, TX FE/TDIC/OG/UOG Team
N 01/15/2016 Pilot-Scale Testing of an Integrated Circuit for the Extraction of Rare Earth Minerals and Elements from Coal and Coal Byproducts using Advanced Separation Technologies Prime:  University of Kentucky Subs:  Virginia Tech, West Virginia University, Eriez Manufacturing, Blackhawk Mining, Arch Coal Multiple sites, Multiple states FE/TDIC/Coal/ETP
N 01/12/2016 Biogasification NETL Morgantown, WV FE/RIC/GES/GGA Team
N 01/07/2016 A Pollution Prevention and Economically Viable Technology for Separation of Rare Earth Elements from Power River Basin Coal Ashes Prime:  University of Wyoming Subs:  West Virginia Research Corporation, Rochester Institute of Technology Laramie, WY Morgantown, WV Rochester, NY FE/TDIC/Coal/ETP
N 01/07/2016 High Yield and Economical Production of Rare Earth Elements from Coal Ash Prime:  Physical Sciences, Inc. Subs:  Equinox Chemicals, University of Kentucky Research Foundation Andover, MA Albany, GA Lexington, KY FE/TDIC/Coal/ETP
N 01/06/2016 MERC-1 Natural Gas Well Closure TBD Morgantown, WV FE/Facility Operations/Engineering & Facilities Team
N 12/24/2015 Deepwater Methane Hydrate Characterization and Scientific Assessment University of Texas at Austin Austin, TX FE/TDIC/Oil and Gas/Natural Gas Team
N 12/22/2015 GATE Center for Electric Drive Transportation Prime:  University of Michigan Sub:  San Diego State University San Diego, CA EE/TDIC/ETD/EERE Team
N 12/22/2015 Investigation of Rare Earth Element Extraction from North Dakota Coal-Related Feedstocks Prime:  University of North Dakota Subs:  Barr Engineering, North Dakota Geological Survey, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Multiple sites, Multiple states FE/TDIC/Coal/ETP
N 12/17/2015 Pressurized Pulse Combustion (PPC) NETL (B-6, Room 105) Morgantown, WV FE/RIC/ECE/TST
N 12/17/2015 Small Molecule Associative CO2 Thickeners for Improved Mobility Control University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA FE/SCNGO
N 12/14/2015 MRCSP Phase III Task 1.6.1 Clearwater Effie #1 Well Characterization Battelle Guernsey Co., OH FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 12/14/2015 Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership - Phase Three (Task Three) - Dover 33 Characterization Well Battelle Dover Township, Otsego County, MI FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 12/10/2015 Southeast Alternative Fuel Demonstration Project Triangle J Council of Governments Multiple sites, Multiple states EE/OEPM/PVTD
N 12/09/2015 Wastewater Study for Overall Feasibility Study of IGCC to CTL Plant Prime:  Lummus Technology, Inc. Sub:  Aquatech Canonsburg, PA FE/SCC/Major Projects Division
N 12/08/2015 Recovery of Rare Earth Elements (REEs) from Coal Ash with a Closed Loop Leaching Process Battelle Memorial Institute Columbus, OH FE/SCC/Crosscutting Research Div
N 12/04/2015 Development of Best Practices and Risk Mitigation Measures for Deepwater Cementing in Oil-Based Mud and Synthetic-Based Mud Prime:  RPSEA Sub:  CSI Technologies  Alaminos Canyon, Gulf of Mexico FE/SCNGO
N 12/03/2015 Zeolite Membrane Reactor for Pre-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture Prime:  Arizona State University Sub:  Nexant Tempe, AZ FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 12/02/2015 Deployment of Microgrid Technologies in Alaska Alaska Energy Authority Anchorage, AK OE/OEPM/EDTD