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ARRA Date Title Recipient Name Location DOE/NETL Sponsors
N 06/27/2016 Analytical Physics - Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence NETL RIC - Materials Engineering and Manufacturing Albany, OR FE/RIC/MEM/Materials Characterization Team
N 06/24/2016 Low Cost Corrugated Substrates for High Efficiency OLEDs North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC EE/TDIC/ETD/EERE Team
N 06/24/2016 ICME for Creep of Ni‐Base Superalloys in Advanced Ultra‐Supercritical Turbines Ohio State University Columbus, OH FE/TDIC/Coal/ET&P Team
N 06/22/2016 Improving the Cyber and Physical Security Posture of the Electric Sector National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) Arlington, VA OE/TDIC/ETD/EDS Team
N 06/22/2016 Improving the Cyber and Physical Security Posture of the Electric Sector American Public Power Association (APPA) Arlington, VA OE/TDIC/ETD/EDS Team
N 06/22/2016 Enhanced Light Extraction from Low Cost White OLEDs Prime:  Iowa State University Sub:  MicroContinuum Ames, IA Cambridge, MA EE/TDIC/ETD/EERE Team
N 06/17/2016 High-Efficacy, Multi-functional SSL Platform Cree, Inc. Goleta, CA EE/TDIC/ETD/EERE Team
N 06/17/2016 Compositionally Graded Alloy Quantum Dot Phosphors for Energy Efficient SSL Prime: Columbia University Subs: Pacific Light Technologies, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory New York, NY Portland, OR Berkeley, CA EE/TDIC/ETD/EERE Team
N 06/15/2016 High-Efficacy High-Power LED for Directional Applications Lumileds LLC San Jose, CA EE/TDIC/ETD/EERE Team
N 06/15/2016 Algorithms for the Modern Power System (AMPS) National Science Foundation Arlington, VA OE/TDIC/ETD/EDS Team
N 06/13/2016 Supporting State Energy Office Outreach on Fossil Energy Policy Issues National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) Arlington, VA OE/TDIC/Coal/ATID Team
N 06/10/2016 Thermally Efficient and Protective Cooling Technologies for Advanced Gas Turbines Prime: University of North Dakota Sub: University of Memphis Memphis, TN FE/TDIC/Coal/AES Team
N 06/07/2016 Bench-Scale Development of Mixed-Salt Technology for CO2 Capture from Coal Power Plants Prime:  SRI International Sub:  IHI Corporation Yokohama, Japan FE/TDIC/Coal/Carbon Capture Team
N 06/03/2016 Building 35 Roof Replacement Ron Tatom Albany, OR FE/LOC/FO/E&F Team
N 06/03/2016 Building 26 Roof Replacement Ron Tatom Albany, OR FE/LOC/FO/E&F Team
N 06/01/2016 Integrated Plastic Substrates for OLED Lighting Prime: Sinovia Technologies Sub: Carestream Health White City, OR EE/TDIC/ETD/EERE Team
N 05/31/2016 BSEE Oil Floatation Column NETL RIC South Park Township, PA FE/RIC/MEM/FM Team
N 05/25/2016 Metallography Lab NETL, MEM Albany, OR FE/RIC/MEM/MC Team
N 05/19/2016 Advanced Control Architecture and Sensor Information Development for Process Automation, Optimization, and Imaging of Chemical Looping Systems Prime:  Ohio State University Sub:  Stanford University Stanford, CA  FE/TDIC/Coal/ETP
N 05/16/2016 Dilute Source CO2 Capture: Management of Atmospheric Coal-Produced Legacy Emissions Carbon Engineering Multiple sites, Canada FE/TDIC/Coal/Carbon Capture Team
N 05/13/2016 Reduced Petroleum Use through Easily-Reformed Fuels and Dedicated EGR Prime:  Southwest Research Institute Sub:  TOTAL Solaize, France EE/TDIC/ETD/EERE Team
N 05/13/2016 Creep Laboratory NETL, MEM Albany, OR FE/RIC/MEM/SM Team
N 05/04/2016 Morgantown Access Control Expansion NETL - Facility Support Services Morgantown, WV FE/LOC/Facility Operations
N 05/02/2016 3D Battery Components and Assembly Prime: University of California Sub: UCLA Los Angeles, CA EE/TDIC/ETD/EERET