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NETL makes significant efforts to educate teachers about the services NETL can provide by hosting hands-on workshops and taking displays and informational materials to education conferences. NETL also encourages employees to use its educational materials with their children and local schools.

  • NETL’s annual Triple E Seminar (short for Energy, Environment and Economics) is a two-day workshop of lectures, demonstrations, hands-on activities and tours conducted by NETL researchers, university professors and innovative grade school teachers. Participants enjoy Triple E because of the novel, low cost experiments they take back with them to the class room.
  • The Excellence in Science Education Award has been presented to one teacher in both Pennsylvania and West Virginia since 1999. NETL created the award to recognize area teachers who participate in education events and apply those experiences to their science classrooms.
  • With the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh (SSP) and the Society of Analytical Chemists (SACP) of Pittsburgh, NETL hosts Light, Color & Spectroscopy for Kids, a seminar for elementary and middle school teachers aimed at introducing children to the science of light. This seminar was developed by the SSP and is cosponsored by SACP.


NETL hosts programs to help high school teachers develop exciting science programs for their classrooms.  

  • SACP's Computer Software Workshop for high school chemistry and physics teachers.
  • The annual Educator in the Workplace experience. Partnering with the Mon Valley Educational Consortium and West Virginia University, NETL provides the opportunity for ten local high school teachers to work hands on with NETL researchers during the summer on an experiment of timely interest. The aim is to give the teachers contemporary material they can work into their science curricula.

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