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K-12 Stem Education Outreach

K-12 School Visits - NETL’s STEM professionals bring exciting "hands-on, minds-on” programs to regional “at-risk” K-6 elementary and middle school classrooms surrounding the Pittsburgh, PA and Morgantown, WV sites. These stimulating STEM presentations complement and enhance schools’ existing STEM curricula and cultivate children’s thinking skills and develop early positive attitudes about STEM topics. At the upper middle and high school levels, when students further develop their interest in STEM and start thinking about careers, NETL researchers visit the classroom to discuss more complex energy topics and the multiple, dynamic pathways that can lead to STEM careers.  If you would like the NETL K-12 STEM Education and Outreach Team to visit and work with the students in your classroom, please complete and submit the K-12 STEM Education Outreach Form