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Innovative Energy Concepts

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Innovative energy concepts aim to improve advanced energy systems by promoting efficiency, increasing environmental performance, enhancing plant availability, and developing computational tools that shorten development timelines of advanced energy systems. 

The program investigates new materials for sensors, that permit high-temperature gas speciation that is needed for power plant operation, while permitting low-cost energy harvesting. The program provides the testing of novel architectures that are superior in cost and performance to current grid-scale applications. Also determines the performance potential of innovative concepts like pressure-gain combustion and direct power extraction, the results of which defines and guides future research and development. 

Advanced power generation concepts have the potential to increase the efficiency and offset the penalty associated with capturing CO2 from power generation from fossil fuels. However, practical development is stymied by uncertain component performance, the need for new materials, or simply the cost of development. The goal of the program is to use validated, computational simulations that can predict the performance of the concepts to identify gaps in simulations and technology and guide development and accelerate the development of these technologies. 

Power electronics and energetic materials aims to provide capacity to "peak shave or load shift," enabling peak loads to be met during periods when generation, transmission, and distribution assets cannot yet be brought online, and enable the integration of large-scale renewable energy sources with the current capacity.

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Technology area contact:

Briggs White