Partnerships and Licensing Options

Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA)

CRADA allows for joint research projects between NETL and either public or private entities. Small businesses are given preferential consideration for the agreements. Intellectual property ownership is defined and cost sharing is essential.



Intellectual Property (IP) License

An Intellectual Property License transfers NETL-owned IP from government sector to private sector ownership both exclusively and non-exclusively.



Memorandum of Understanding or Agreement (MOU or MOA)

MOU and MOA agreements state the scope of work for a specific project or state the terms of a partnering relationship.



Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)

A Nondisclosure Agreement protects exchanged information that is either patentable by NETL or proprietary by the other party.



Contributed Funds-In Agreement (CFA)

CFA allows NETL researchers and subcontractors to perform sponsored research for a private entity.



Research Partnership Notice

Research Partnership Notice


Depending on the nature of the partnership, other agreement options are also available.