Solicitations and Funding Opportunities

NETL uses Fedconnect and/or and FedBizOpps to post solicitations and funding opportunity announcements and amendments, receive proposals and applications, and disseminate award information. Entities wishing to participate in these solicitations will need to register at these websites. Proposals will be accepted only through FedConnect or Grants.Gov as indicated in the solicitation document.

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Clean Energy Funding Opportunities Newsletter

NETL solicitations and funding opportunities are listed below in descending order of posting date.

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12/19/14 Notice of Intent to Issue DE-FOA-0001201 Notice of Intent to Issue Funding Opportunity Announcement entitled "FY 2015 Vehicle Technologies Program Wide Funding Opportunity Announcement" 12/19/14 Jacqulyn Wilson
12/03/14 DE-FOA-0001219 The Resilient Electricity Delivery Infrastructure (REDI) Initiative 03/04/15 Carla Winaught
11/24/14 Notice of Intent to Issue DE-FOA-0001213 FY 2015 Vehicle Technologies Office Incubator 11/25/14 Nicholas Anderson
10/31/14 Collaboration Opportunity Notice Collaboration Opportunity Notice 11/12/14 Ashley Reichl
10/31/14 Request for Information Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) Prototype System Testing Project 11/28/14 Sheldon Funk
09/18/14 Request for Information Opportunities to develop high performance, economically viable, and environmentally benign technologies to recover Rare Earth Elements (REE) from coal and coal by-products 10/10/14 Jodi Collins
09/02/14 Request for Information Testing Advanced Post-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture Technologies at a Large Pilot Scale 10/03/14 Amanda Lopez
07/17/14 DE-FOA-0000890 Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy 10/01/14 Sue Miltenberger
07/16/14 DE-FOA-0000951 Vehicle Technologies Alternative Fuel Vehicle Deployment Initiatives Funding Opportunity Announcement 10/01/14 Kellyn Cassell
07/01/14 Opportunity Notice: U.S. DOE MICROGRID 2014 MVP CHALLENGE Microgrid 2014 MVP Challenge 08/29/14 DOE Headquarters
06/02/14 DE-FOA-0001110 Opportunities, Knowledge Advancements, and Technology Improvements For Increased Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Storage In Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Operations 06/02/14 Harolynne Blackwel
04/30/14 DE-FOA-0001076 FY2014 FOA - Environmentally-Prudent Unconventional Resource Development 06/27/14 Amanda Lopez
01/22/14 DE-FOA-0000991 FY 2014 Vehicle Technologies Program Wide Funding Opportunity Announcement 02/19/14 J. Collins
01/16/14 DE-FOA-0000988 Vehicle Technologies Incubator 02/25/14 Jacqulyn Wilson