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DE-SOL-0003339 - Site Security Services

Solicitation DE-SOL-0003339 –The Site Security Services solicitation (DE-SOL-0003339) resulted in the award of Contract DE-FE0010809 to Action Facilities Mangement, Incorporated.

The electronic reading room is part of NETL’s strategy to provide information that may benefit potential offerors in preparing their proposal. The information is provided to assist the reader in gaining an enhanced understanding of the requirement.

NETL has completed the Market Research related to performing the Site Security Services requirement. Based on the Market Research and the received concurrence from the Small Business Administration (SBA) it has been determined to fulfill this requirement through a competitive 8(a) small business set-aside. A solicitation will be issued to eligible 8(a) Offerors in the neat future. Additional information will be made available on this electronic reading room as it becomes available.


1.0 DE-SOL-0003339 Sources Sought Notification [PDF-17KB] (10/24/2011)

2.0 DE-SOL-0003339 Synopsis [PDF-14KB] (4/23/2012)

3.0 DE-SOL-0003339 RFP [PDF-1MB] (5/29/2012)

Amendment 000001 [PDF-32KB] (5/30/2012)
Amendment 000002 [PDF-32KB] (6/6/2012)
SF-33 [PDF-27KB] (6/6/2012)
Section B [PDF-69KB] (5/28/2012)
Clauses [PDF-82KB] (6/6/2012)
Cost Exhibits [XLSX-13KB] (5/28/2012)
Wage Determination [PDF-11.6MB] (5/28/2012)
ORG Chart Template [PDF-61KB] (5/27/2012)
3.7 Support Data [PDF-64KB] (5/30/2012)

4.0 Government Furnished Property List [PDF-42KB] (5/28/2012)

5.0 NETL FOCUS Standards List [PDF-109KB] (5/27/2012)

6.0 Questions and Answers

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