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Carbon Dioxide Utilization

LCA CO2U Quick Start:    


Version 1.0.1
Released 08/07/20


Guidance document

Guidance Document

Analysis requirements and instructions for using the supporting data and tools

Documentation Spreadsheet

Documentation Spreadsheet

Excel file that can be used to document data when not using openLCA

Training Resources


Provided to funding recipients to aid in modeling an LCA

OpenLCA LCI Database

OpenLCA Database 

openLCA database that includes NETL unit process data and an example CO2U LCA

subject matter expert

Subject Matter Expert Support

Available to funding recipients for all phases of the LCA from conception to documentation.
Email for support

OpenLCA Contribution Tool

OpenLCA Contribution Tool

Excel template that translates openLCA results into required charts

LCA Report Template

NETL CO2U LCA Report Template

Word report template for summarizing data and results

NETL Additional Downloads

LCA contact us

Download Full Toolkit

LCA contact us

Patches, Archives, and Version History